Wetland Restoration

Dayton, Montana  |  90 Acres

‚ÄčThis was a truly transformational experience in so many ways.  Over the course of 13 days, Sepp Holzer led a project to transform a degraded wetland to a re-vitalized and energized system with wildlife and productivity of all kinds.  Around 100 people gathered for the event to learn and participate in the transformation of this landscape.


An airstrip had been built by previous owners in the wetlands and in just under two weeks a lake, several ponds, and nearly 1km of hugelkultur was created on the site.  In the time that has passed it has provided habitat and vitality for all kinds of life from turtles to waterfowl and bears.  During the course of an 11 day intensive workshop I was empowered with a clear path and purpose to follow through with the desires to help that I had long felt.