Harmonizing Human
Relations with Earth

We use synergy of natural elements to enhance the vitality, productivity and beauty of ecosystems.

Our Process

Water Stories

a learning, training, and action platform focused entirely on Water Cycle Restoration

Inspiration, Connection and Education, Leading to Action

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A 3-step approach that delivers results.


Consultation &
Concept Plan

A careful goal and landscape analysis provides a better understanding of the opportunities available.

  • Landscape Analysis
  • Goals Articulation
  • Concept Plan



Building a dream landscape, custom-tailored to the project goals and your desired quality of life.

  • Project Management
  • Contracting
  • Skilled Developers



The greatest return on investment is the harmonization of the processes of nature - enabling the harvest of time through forethought.

  • Ecosystem development
  • Management
  • Project Phasing


When it comes to working with the earth, we have you covered.

Ecosystems Generation

Creating renewed vigor within the landscape -  reviving the vitality of the past with the tools of the present.

Watershed Restoration

Restoring the hydrological balance of earth through thoughtful and responsible management.

Aquaculture Systems

Cultivating life’s fundamental building block-water.  From fish and insects to crustaceans and plants.

Forestry Systems

Food, medicine, material, and fuel are just some of the products and services a forest provides.

Water Retention Landscapes

From ponds and dams to paddies and chinampas, productive features that are harmonized to the landscape.

Terrace Systems

Retaining water and soil, terracing is a timeless strategy used to maximize natural resources over the ages.

Spring Development

Naturally developed drinking water of the highest quality - distilled by the sun and mineralized by the earth.

Natural Building

Using natural materials to create infrastructure that is both functional and beautiful.

We Work Worldwide

Elemental Ecosystems provides services around the world.

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A Common Good Corporation

Elemental Ecosystems is a for-benefit social enterprise - a business focused on solving society's growing environmental problems.

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