Water Cycles

Over the last 10,000 years humans have desertified 1/3 of earth's land, causing widespread hunger and thirst. We are making the earth sick.


Rain draws maritime humidity onto land and water penetrates the cool earth, feeding these cycles:

  • forest regeneration
  • fungal & bacterial symbiosis
  • abundant fresh water
  • balanced climate

Degenerated WATER CYCLE

Hot air repels maritime humidity and when it rains, water can't penetrate the warm earth, feeding these cycles:

  • flood and drought
  • fire & desertification
  • water scarcity
  • extreme climate events

Regenerated WATER CYCLE

Consider the elemental relationship between biology and hydrology.  We are in control.

  • feed health earth feedback loops
  • work with nature’s momentum
  • decentralized water retention
  • plant a forest
  • manage resources responsibly

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