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Dedicated to mending the earth,  one project at a time.

Zachary Weiss

Founder & President

Protégé of revolutionary Austrian farmer Sepp Holzer, Zach is the first person to earn Holzer Practitioner certification directly from Sepp - through a rigorous two-year apprenticeship working on projects in North America and Europe.

Blending a unique combination of systems thinking, empathy and awareness, Zach created Elemental Ecosystems to provide an action-oriented process to improve clients' relationship with their landscape.

Megan Neary

Operations Manager

Megan is passionate about regenerating Earth by rehydrating landscapes, enhancing soil health, promoting biodiversity, and decentralizing fresh water sources.

After studying Geology and Geophysics and working in an extractive industry, Megan shifted her professional focus to conservation, followed by farming. Her company, Resilient Earth Solutions, collaborates with Elemental Ecosystems to coordinate projects that help reshape the land, positively influencing the flow and infiltration of water.

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