Water retention landscape for learning and healing center

Jalcolmulco, Mexico
10 Hectares
water retention, terracing, planting

Our client was a family establishing a holistic farm up on a mesa without any water - so we created a water retention landscape to get their farming operations going. We developed several terraces to help improve the catchment of the water bodies, along with the two different water bodies themselves, catching the water in a seasonal gully. The location has a really strong rainy season and a really strong intense dry season. It was a very challenging project because we were carving the water bodies into natural volcanic concrete.

Now that the water bodies are established, our clients have many trees in place with cows as part of silvoculture holistic farm. The farm will be part of a learning and healing center for people to practice yoga and to practice mind-body-spirit healing all at once. Our clients were very motivated to help enhance the natural wildlife and provide water for all of the wildlife as well.

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