Finca Ave Terra

Developing raw land in the cloud forest by partnering with nature.

Mindo, Ecuador
45 Hectares
ponds, spring development, natural building, building sites

My first international consultation, this project was a real pleasure to come back to for another month-long project nearly 2 years later. Over the course of the month, we created a large pond, two paddies, a stone warm pool, developed three springs for drinking water and another for aquaculture, created about 1km of terraces, 3 building sites, and improved the roads and trails.

Gravel from the river was washed by hand and moved to the source with truck and mule, using materials from the landscape to enhance it. Stone meditation chairs, epiphyte totems, springs that were dug by crab and tapped by hand, this project has a lot to offer visitors and volunteers. Now the next phase of the project is underway - building the infrastructure for an agro-tourism lodge and working with the ecosystem that develops.

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